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The Art of Sound: Four Centuries of Musical Instruments

June 16, 2012 - September 02, 2012

As the world sets its eyes and ears on Cincinnati for the World Choir Games, The Art of Sound: Four ....

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Impressions of Venice

March 17, 2012 - August 26, 2012

Impressions of Venice will exemplify beautiful Venice, the most depicted city in the·world by 1900, and demonstrate how it influenced ....

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Printmaking Today

June 02, 2012 - August 19, 2012

Modern visual culture is inextricably linked to creative artists who explore new directions and push boundaries. At the same time ....

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Aston Martin’s DB5

June 19, 2012 - July 15, 2012

This summer, for one month only, an icon of design, film and popular culture will be on display at the ....

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Picasso Prints

December 17, 2011 - May 13, 2012

Picasso’s ingenious magic with etching, lithography and linocuts is explored in six decades of printmaking. This exhibition presents the prodigious ....

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Monet in Giverny: Landscapes of Reflection

February 04, 2012 - May 13, 2012

Monet's late works depicting iconic motifs from his garden in Giverny, such as the Japanese footbridge, water lilies, and wisterias ....

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Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth

January 21, 2012 - April 29, 2012

This exhibition is the largest scale presentation of the work of Chicago-based artist Nick Cave to date.· Cave combines aspects ....

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Jim Dine: In Celebration of Pinocchio

April 04, 2012 - April 23, 2012

A public ceremony celebrating the unveiling of Cincinnati native Jim Dine’s magnificent, twelve-foot-tall bronze sculpture, Pinocchio (Emotional), will take place ....

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A Tribute to “Skip” Fleischmann

November 19, 2011 - March 18, 2012

Charles “Skip” Fleischmann was one of the most generous donors of works of art and funds for art purchase in ....

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4th Floor Award - Trial by Fire: New Glass Works by Darren Goodman

September 24, 2011 - January 01, 2012

Second biennial Cincinnati Art Museum 4th Floor Award winner Darren Goodman breathes new life into glass, an art form steeped ....

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Art Deco: Fashion and Design in the Jazz Age

October 08, 2011 - January 01, 2012

Art Deco: Fashion and Design in the Jazz Age features The Betty Colker Collection of 1920s gowns. Collecting for over ....

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Darkness Into Light: Mezzotint Rediscovered

September 24, 2011 - December 05, 2011

Seventeenth century Dutch painters and printmakers sought to depict chiaroscuro and convey atmospheric depth. Although a variety of relief and ....

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Art In Bloom 2011

November 03, 2011 - November 06, 2011

Celebrate art and flowers at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s biennial Art in Bloom.·Featuring floral interpretations of nearly one hundred masterpieces ....

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Conserving Van Gogh

May 17, 2011 - September 05, 2011

Chief Conservator Per Knutas will conduct a conservation project in public.· He will be stabilizing and cleaning Undergrowth with Two ....

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DRAW: Here, There, and Everywhere

June 04, 2011 - September 04, 2011

DRAW: Here, There and Everywhere will make you think, feel and act. Through the grouping of objects from across cultures ....

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Not Just Pretty Pictures: The Carl M. Jacobs III Collection

June 11, 2011 - August 28, 2011

A tribute to the prescient acts of collector and Cincinnati-native Carl M. Jacobs III (1915-2008). Jacobs was passionate about photography ....

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The Cincinnati Art Award: Gifts and Warhol Portraits of Douglas Cramer

May 04, 2011 - August 21, 2011

Douglas Schoolfield Cramer, arts supporter and contemporary art collector, has one of the television industry’s most outstanding track records in ....

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The Amazing American Circus Poster: The Strobridge Lithographing Company, 1878-1939

February 26, 2011 - July 10, 2011

Dashing daredevils, soaring trapeze artists, comic clowns – all make a grand appearance at the Cincinnati Art Museum in the ....

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The Way We Are Now: Selections from the 21c Collection

January 29, 2011 - May 15, 2011

The Way We Are Now: Selections from the 21c Collection at the Cincinnati Art Museum showcases more than seventy important ....

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Going Dutch: Contemporary Design from Collections and the Cincinnati Art Museum

February 12, 2011 - April 10, 2011

The best contemporary Dutch design highlights and values expression, simplicity, economy, and social and environmental responsibility. The design collective Droog ....

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Wedded Perfection: Two Centuries of Wedding Gowns

October 09, 2010 - January 30, 2011

Wedded Perfection, organized by the Museum’s Curator of Costumes and Textiles Cynthia Amneus,unravels more than 200 years of the evolution ....

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Heavy Metal: Arms and Armor from the Cincinnati Art Museum

October 23, 2010 - January 16, 2011

Heavy Metal: Arms & Armor from the Cincinnati Art Museum reveals the drive for power during the middle ages through ....

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Starburst: Color Photography in America, 1970-1980

February 10, 2010 - January 02, 2011

Garish, pedestrian and commercial - that’s how critics characterized color photography in the 1970s. It was in fact an explosion ....

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Thomas Gainsborough and the Modern Woman

September 18, 2010 - January 02, 2011

Organized by the Museum’s Curator of Curator of European Painting, Sculpture and Drawings, Benedict Leca, Thomas Gainsborough and the Modern ....

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Body and Soul: German Prints and Drawings of the Twentieth Century

September 04, 2010 - January 02, 2011

Body and Soul: German Prints and Drawings of the Twentieth Century pays tribute to the gift of thirty-three prints from ....

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