Imagine bringing the Cincinnati Art Museum into your classroom. Virtual Field Trips allow classes to interact with professional staff at the Art Museum via videoconference technology, examining works of art in the museum’s permanent collection and thereby enriching students’ study of social studies, language arts, science, math, and the visual arts. Virtual Field Trips are designed for grades K-12, and align with federal academic standards. All Virtual Field Trips can be modified for adult groups as well.

Virtual Field Trips Information

At this time we are not accepting reservations for Virtual Fieldtrips until February 2016. We apologize for the inconvenience. To be put on a waiting list, please email [email protected]

Virtual Field Trips are $100 per program, which includes a test connection, pre- and post-visit materials, and a teacher consultation. Programs must be scheduled at least four weeks in advance and can be adapted to fit special needs or audiences.

For more information or to schedule a video conference, call (513) 639-2974 or email [email protected]

The Cincinnati Art Museum can connect via IP protocol using an Internet IP connection. We recommend a 384Kbps connection speed. Test calls with the museum are required and should be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the program date.

Discovering the Story: Art of the Queen City, 1850-1900

Using images, primary sources, and hands-on activities, discover Cincinnati’s rich art history and how the Queen City played a major role in the development of American art from 1850 to 1900.

Grades: 1–12

Curriculum Connections: Art History, Visual Arts, United States History, and Social Studies


Discovering the Story: The Underground Railroad

Examine the history of the Underground Railroad using primary sources and imagery from the Art Museum’s permanent collection. Students engage in discussions and hands-on activities to gain a new perspective on this cornerstone in history.

Grades: 4–8

Curriculum Connections: United States History, Social Studies, African American History, and Art History


Behind the Glass: African Symbols in Art

Begin discussions with students about symbolism in African art, and how these symbols reflect communities and cultures.

Grades: 1 – 12

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Art History, World History, and Language Arts


Beyond the Gallery: The Cincinnati Art Museum Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes at the Art Museum. Students get a firsthand look into the world of art storage, conservation, and how exhibitions are put together. This tour offers a deeper understanding of how and why art is cared for and preserved.

Grades: 6–12

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts and Career Development


Animals in Art

Tailored for young audiences, this program lets students identify and learn about animals using images from the Art Museum’s permanent collection and hands-on activities.

Grades: K–2

Curriculum Connections: Science and Visual Arts


Tons of Traditions

Examine cultural traditions from around the world with the Art Museum’s permanent collection. Students will then respond to the works of art explored through hands-on art activities.

Grades: 1–6

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, World History, Art History, and Visual Arts


The Weather and You

Learn about the weather by examining works of art selected from the Art Museum’s permanent collection that depict squalls, floods, snowstorms, and drought.

Grades: K–5

Curriculum Connections: Science and Visual Arts


Discover African American Art

Celebrate art created by African Americans. Students view images from the Art Museum’s permanent collection and participate in hands-on activities.

Grades: 6–12

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts, African American History, and United States History


Discover Native American Art

Explore a variety of Native American art in the Art Museum’s permanent collection. Be ready group participation as hands-on activities are included.

Grades: 1–5

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts and United States History


Putting Art on the Map!

Explore the globe through the Art Museum’s permanent collection. Students discuss countries and cultures by navigating images of works of art and maps.

Grades: 4–8

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts, Geography, and Social Studies

Museum 101: Teaching with Objects in the Classroom

Learn the object-based teaching method utilized by museums as a Cincinnati Art Museum educator presents different teaching strategies for the classroom. This tour explains how to find appropriate objects as well as how to incorporate these objects into existing curricula.


Teacher Introduction: Cincinnati Art Museum Programs at a Glance

Join CAM staff as you learn about our many different Virtual Field Trip offerings. Discuss our program offerings and the best fits for your classroom.