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Rachel Clearfield It’s a gorgeous spring morning. And you can see this pleasing and alluring morning through my eyes, for I have captured it in my painting to recall and relive this pleasing morning, each time I reflect and cherish the good times in my life :) Browse through my original works of art: Add me on linkedin: [email protected] Write to me at: [email protected] 12 hour ago via Facebook

Past Exhibitions

4th Floor Award

September 24, 2011 to January 01, 2012

Darren Goodman is a glass artist from Waynesville, Ohio who is a successful member of the area’s “studio glass” movement. In a studio glass setting, the artist is in control of the creation of the piece from conception to completion. Through his work, Goodman explores the textures, scale, and the implied functionality of each piece. Drawn to the glowing colors, he fell in love with glass early in life. Through the practice of glass blowing he discovers metaphors for life and refines his perspective on the world. Trial by Fire features three recent works by Goodman that have been pivotal in both his personal and artistic development. Embarking on increasingly larger pieces, he has moved away from a traditional tabletop scale to floor and installation size works. This shift affects the works’ relationship with the physical body. Their complex production requires a larger team for their creation and the works have greater presence in the gallery

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