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Cincinnati Art Museum Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Upside down and inside out! Several wool shawls dating from the 18th and 19th centuries were being repacked for storage when this one caused some confusion: which side is the “right side” (the side that should go “out” when the shawl is worn)? The decorated paisley borders have been sewn “right sides to wrong sides” at two corners. A sloppy seamstress’ mistake? A prescient deconstructivist design choice? Not at all! This shawl is a giant square intended to be folded along the diagonal when worn: the mis-matched corners are actually a clever adjustment to allow both folded halves to be “right sides out” when in use. 3 hour ago via Facebook

In the Community

Speaker's Bureau

The Speakers Bureau program at the Cincinnati Art Museum is our “museum on wheels.” Specially trained volunteer docents come to your location to give rich presentations of an hour or less on many of the most popular areas of the Art Museum’s collections. These presentations are complete with colorful slides of artworks and enlightening information and anecdotes about each work. These engaging presentations are participatory, allowing the audience to ask questions and make their own observations.



Art for Life + The Mason Museum in a School Project

Utilizing the arts in education helps students learn crucial problem-solving skills, stimulates cooperative, project-based learning, and meets the needs of a wide variety of learning styles, helping to better meet the needs of all students. Research has shown that an arts-rich curriculum leads to increased reading, vocabulary, and math skills. However, arts are increasingly being cut from curriculums throughout the country.


In 2009, the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Art for Life initiative partnered with the Mason Area Arts Council, Mason City Schools, and the College of Mount St. Joseph to create and implement an arts integration program for students that was aligned to curriculum and content standards. Nine Mason City School teachers were recruited to create lesson plans around selected artworks from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s permanent collections. The teachers were given creative freedom to choose the lesson’s subject based upon their classroom needs. The result is a showcase of work that embraces the art of diverse cultures, including African American, Asian, and Native American. Utilizing reproductions of the Art Museum’s objects, each lesson plan was implemented the classroom. At the conclusion of the project, the lessons and examples of student work were shown at the district-wide “Taste of Mason” diversity event.


Use these lessons in your own classroom with online visual reproductions from the Art Museum’s collection.