Provenance Research

Attributed to Meindert Hobbema (1638-1709)
The Netherlands
Rural Landscape with Man Digging, late 1650s?
Oil on panel
20 3/8 x 33 in. (51.8 x 83.8 cm)
Gift of Emilie L. Heine in memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Hauck, 1940.946

A man and a boy dig on a path that leads to a cottage in the middle distance. In the left foreground is a field, while two straight rows of trees flank a lane to the right. A few figures and a dog walk along the lane. Another row of trees and a hedge form a line parallel to the picture plane in the middleground.

Signed (or inscribed?) on hedge to left of mother and child (now overpainted): "m hobbema"

Former Attributions:
Jan van Kessel [1641-1680]
Unidentified Artist

Alternate Titles:
Landscape: The Outskirts of a Walled Estate


    Palais Royal, Warsaw [1]
    Prince Louis de Bourbon [2]
    Prince de Louvain
    Charles Schwab, New York
By at least April 1945-May 14, 1945:   (N. M. Acquavella Galleries, New York [3])
Before February 28, 1946:   (Probably Schneider-Gabriel Galleries, New York [4])
By at least February 1946-1949:   Emilie L. Heine, Cincinnati, given to [5]
1949-present:   Cincinnati Art Museum

[1] Palais Royal wax seal on verso (back of panel).

[2] All provenance information before 1946 was received from N. M. Acquavella Galleries and Albert K. Schneider. Wax seals on the verso also contribute to earlier provenance information. See correspondence, March 29 and July 11, 2000; and back of old photograph in curatorial file.

[3] Exhibited at N. M. Acquavella Galleries, "Paintings by Old Masters," April 14 to May 14, 1945, no. 17.

[4] A letter from Schneider-Gabriel Galleries, dated February 28, 1946, informed the CAM that Heine wanted to exchange a painting included in her 1940 gift with the present painting. The back of a photograph of the work, sent by Schneider-Gabriel Galleries, also documents the exchange, and gives provenance and other information on the painting. The inventory number indicated on the back of the photograph, presumably associated with Schneider-Gabriel Galleries, is no. 914.

[5] Emilie L. Heine, a collector with a penchant for the Barbizon school, began collecting art around 1912 and continued until the mid-1940s. The majority the paintings were acquired during the 1920s and 1930s, but specific dates of purchase for most works are unknown. The gift came to the CAM after her death in 1949. The original list of works (compiled around 1940) included Hobbema's Wooded Shore of a Quiet Stream, but in a letter of February 28, 1946, Albert K. Schneider, of Schneider-Gabriel Galleries, informed the CAM that Heine wanted to exchange the painting for Landscape, now titled Landscape with Man Digging. Even though the painting did not enter the Heine collection until after May 1945, it carries a 1940 accession number because of the 1940 life interest gift.

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