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Francesco Botticini (1446-1497)
Madonna and Child with a Breviary, after 1475
Tempera on canvas (transferred from panel)
42 1/4 in. (107.3 cm) diameter
Gift of Harry S. and Eva Belle Leyman, 1948.201

Former Attributions:
Cosimo Rosselli [1439-1507] [1]

Tondo depicting the Madonna seated on a rock in a landscape. She holds onto the Christ child who steps on her blue robe. Reaching toward her, he looks at the viewer. A breviary is open on the rock at the right. In the middle ground is a vast, hilly landscape with a cityscape and bridge at the right. A seascape is visible in the background.


    Panciatichi Collection, Florence
    (Possibly Charles Fairfax Murray, London, sold to [2])
By at least 1906-
September 1927:
  Robert H. and Evelyn Benson, London
After September 1927
September 17, 1928:
  (Duveen, New York [3])
September 17, 1928-1941:   William Randolph Hearst, California, sold Hearst Estate sale, Saks Fifth Avenue and Gimbel Brothers (organized by Hammer Galleries), New York, January 1941, no. 51-3.
By 1943:   (Jacob Heiman, New York)
By November 1948:   (Mortimer Brandt Gallery, New York, sold to)
1948:   Harry S. Leyman, Cincinnati, given with life interest to
1948-present:   Cincinnati Art Museum

[1] In his 1906 text on Botticini, E. Kühnel supported the painting's attribution to Botticini, but noted that the painting had been at one time attributed to Rosselli. The work was also published in 1907 as by Rosselli. See E. Kühnel, Botticini, Strassburg, 1906, p. 14; and Sir Lionel Cust, Les Arts, October 1907, p. 26, ill. p. 7.

[2] The Benson's acquired other paintings from the Panciatichi collection through Charles Fairfax Murray. It has been suggested by the Getty Provenance Index that Murray might have been the agent who organized the Benson's acquisition of the tondo. See correspondence, February 3, 1988; and John T. Spike, Italian Paintings in the Cincincnnati Art Museum, 1993, pp. 18-19.

[3] The date of sale to Hearst is recorded in the archives of the William Randolph Hearst art collection, S/B Lot #51-Art #3, Special Collections, B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, C. W. Post Campus, Long Island University.

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