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Attributed to Giacomo Pacchiarotto (1474-ca. 1540)
Martyrdom of St. John the Evangelist, ca. 1500-1525
Tempera on wood panel
9 7/8 x 13 1/4 in. (25.1 x 33.6 cm)
Gift of Eloise von Bernuth in memory of Eloise Stettinius Fiamingo, 1956.226

A panel from a dismantled predella, the painting depicts Saint John the Evangalist standing in a cauldron with his hands clasped together in prayer. The Roman Emperor Domitian, who ordered the saint's death, is enthroned on the left and seen wearing a yellow shirt and pink robe. A man in a turban, green robe, and blue belt is at the emperor's right. Two soldiers also stand beside the emperor. In the distance is a hilly landscape.

Former Attributions:
Pinturicchio [ca. 1452-1513]
School of Pinturicchio


1944:   Italian Art Market or Italian Private Collection [1]
1955-1956:   Mrs. William H. Harrison III [Eloise von Bernuth], Rome, given to [2]
1956-present:   Cincinnati Art Museum

[1] Roberto Longhi authenticated the painting as a work by Pinturicchio in a letter of February 1944. The recipient of the letter is not known. The letter remained with the painting and was given to Harrison when she acquired the work in 1955. For a transcription of the letter see John T. Spike, Italian Paintings in the Cincinnati Art Museum, 1993, p. 65, fn. 4.

[2] Harrison wrote to the CAM on December 8, 1955, that a small Pinturicchio had come her way, and she would like to present it to the Museum.

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