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Honoré Daumier (1808-1879)
Orchestra Stalls, ca. 1865
Oil on canvas
23 13/16 x 33 1/4 in. (60.5 x 84.5 cm)
The Edwin and Virginia Irwin Memorial, 1960.22

Two women and a man seen in profile sit in a theatre watching a performance. The painting is unfinished with much of the composition blocked out in thin washes of muted color.

Alternate Titles:
Fauteuils d'Orchestre
Spectateurs au theatre


    Egisto Fabbri [1866-1933], Florence
By 1930:   Kurt Mettler, Paris [1]
By at least October 16, 1930:   (Richard Goetz, Paris, and Dr. Alfred Gold, Berlin [2])
By April 1940:   (Richard Goetz, Paris and New York [3])
    (Julius Weitzner)
Until April 1958:   (Van Diemen & Lilienfeld, New York, sold to)
April 1958-November 1958:   (Hirschl & Adler, New York, sold to)
November 1958-
at least July 1959:
  (Leonid Kipnis Gallery, Westport, CT [4])
Until 1960:   (French & Co., New York, sold to)
1960-present:   Cincinnati Art Museum

[1] Published as being in the collection of Kurt Mettler in Eduard Fuchs, Der Maler Daumier, Munich: Albert Langden, 1930, p. 62, no. 285a.

[2] Goetz and Gold jointly loaned the painting to Corot Daumier, Museum of Modern Art, New York, October 16 to November 23, 1930, p. 86.

[3] Goetz loaned the painting to Origins of Modern Art, Arts Club of Chicago, April 2 to 30, 1940. Goetz then directed the Arts Club to send the painting to San Francisco. It was shipped May 11, 1940, and was included in the Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco, 1940, no. 256. The painting was apparently included in another exhibition in San Francisco in 1944, but the lender and specific location have not yet been identified. The archives of the Arts Club of Chicago are held at Newberry Library, Chicago. Copies of relevant documents are in the CAM curatorial file.

[4] A letter dated June 6, 2000, from Hischl & Adler confirms they sold the painting to Leonid Kipnis Gallery in November 1958.

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