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Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980)
Lake Lucerne I, 1923
Oil on canvas
25 3/8 x 31 3/4 in. (64.5 x 80.6 cm)
Bequest of Paul E. Geier, 1983.65
2002 Artists Right Society (ARS), ProLitteris, Zurich

Signed lower left: "OK"

A view of Lake Lucerne with mountains in the background as seen from a balcony.

Alternate Titles:
Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne (Switzerland)
Vierwaldstätter see
Vierwaldstätter see I


1923-?:   Oskar Kokoschka, sold to
Before November 1925:   (Galerie M. Goldschmidt & Co., Frankfurt [1])
By at least November 1925-
at least August 1927:
  Private Collection (Dr. N.), Mainz [2]
By at least 1941:   (Buchholz Gallery [Curt Valentin, 1902-1959], New York [3])
?-1960:   Albert Daberkow, Bad Homburg, sold to
1960-1982:   Paul E. Geier [1914-1981], Cincinnati and Rome, placed on long-term loan to the Art Museum, Princeton University, 1974-1982, L152.74, by bequest to
1982-present:   Cincinnati Art Museum

[1] Johann Winkler and Katharina Erlin, Oskar Kokoschka Die Gemälde, Salzburg: Galerie Welz, no. 173. Correspondence, July 12, 2001.

[2] A private collector in Mainz loaned Lake Lucerne I to two exhibitions: Landschaften von Oskar Kokoschka, Paul Cassirer Gallery, Berlin, November 1925, no. 10; and Moderne Malerei, Stadhalle, Mainz, July to August, 1927, no. 163. The latter exhibition listed the private collector as "Dr. N." Johann Winkler has been unable to discover the identity of "Dr. N." Correspondence, July 12, 2001.

[3] Curt Valentin exhibited the painting in Kokoschka, Buchholz Gallery, New York, October 27 to November 15, 1941, no. 19. Although recent scholarship has indicated this to be the most correct provenance, earlier provenance histories included additional collections. Edith Hoffmann included Francesco von Mendelssohn, New York, before the Buchholz Gallery; and Mrs. Carlos Weinberg, Washington D.C., after the Buchholz Gallery. Interestingly, Francesco von Mendelssohn was a lender to the 1941 exhibition at Buchholz Gallery, but he is not listed in the entry for Lake Lucerne I. In his 1956 publication, Hans Wingler stated the painting was in a Washington private collection. Johann Winkler and Katharina Erlin omitted von Mendelssohn and Weinberg from the provenance of their 1995 catalogue raisonné for lack of sufficient documentation. See Hoffmann, Kokoschka Life and Work, London: Faber and Faber, Ltd., 1947, no. 225; Wingler, Oskar Kokoschka, Salzburg: Galerie Welz, 1956, no. 166; nd correspondence, July 12, 2001.

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