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Dutch School
The Netherlands
Portrait of a Boy with a "Rinkelbel," ca. 1580s-1590s
Oil on oak panel
38 1/16 x 18 7/16 in. (96.7 x 46.8 cm)
Museum Appropriation, X1939.131

Full-length portrait of a young boy standing in an interior. He wears a cone-shaped hat and a high-collared dress with brocade sleeves and a lace-trimmed apron. Hanging around his neck is a gold christening medal with a profile of Queen Elizabeth I, inscribed: "ELISABET:D. G. ANG.FR ET:HIB:REGIN:". In his right hand the boy holds a rinkelbel. A bird perches on an extended finger of his left hand and a dog jumps onto his leg.


By at least 1889:   Robert Blum [1857-1903], New York, presumably by descent to [1]
Probably by 1903-
probably 1905:
  Presumably Henrietta Haller, Cincinnati [2]
Before 1939:   Cincinnati Art Museum

[1] Cincinnati artist Robert Blum hung Portrait of a Boy with a "Rinkelbel" in his New York studio. It was included in a photograph of his studio in 1889. See Elizabeth Bisland, "The Studios of New York," The Cosmopolitan, May 1889, p. 13.

[2] Henrietta Haller was Blum's sister and sole heir. In 1905 Haller gave the Museum Association of Cincinnati (now the Cincinnati Art Museum) a number of Blum's works and objects from his personal collection. Because the painting was in Blum's collection by 1889, it is thought likely to have come to the Museum in 1905 as part of Haller's gift; however, there is no record that indicates the painting was actually a part of the gift. Nor is there a specific record that gives the date the painting entered the CAM's collection. It was certainly in the Museum's collection before 1939 as it was found during an inventory of the collection in that year.

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