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Virtual Fieldtrips

Imagine the Cincinnati Art Museum in your classroom. Virtual Field Trips allow classes to interact with professional staff at the Art Museum to examine artworks in the Art Museum’s collection and enrich their studies of social studies, language arts, science, math, and the visual arts through the collection of the Art Museum. Programs are designed for Kindergarten to grade 12 and are aligned with National and Ohio academic standards. Please call for current program availability. 

Scheduling and Cost

Call (513) 639-2974. Programs are scheduled by demand, four weeks in advance and can be adapted to fit special needs or audiences Reservations are required four weeks in advance.

Cost: $100 per 1-hour session. Cost includes a test connection and pre and post materials. Schools are responsible for line and bridging fees, if appropriate.

Technology Requirements

The Cincinnati Art Museum can connect via IP or ISDN protocol using a bridge connection. A 384Kbps connection speed is recommended. Test calls are recommended.

Virtual Fieldtrip Topics


Cincinnati Fashion During the Golden Age

The last quarter of the 19th century was coined as the “Golden Age” of Cincinnati, a time when the arts flourished in the queen city. Before the ready-to-wear industry of clothing took hold, Cincinnati became a center for the clothing industry, a place to buy custom clothing made by some of the most talented women in the country. In this program we will delve in to the lives and the work of a few of these remarkable women, admiring their smart business tactics as much as the extraordinary dresses they left behind.


Discovering the Story: A City and Its Culture: Art of the Queen City, 1850–1900

Look into the history of expansion and how the great push west shaped the cultural heritage of many Mid-western cities, including Cincinnati. Explore images, primary sources, and hands-on activities to gain an understanding of the very special role Cincinnati played in developing the art of the nation from 1850 to 1900.

Recommended grade levels: 1–12

Curriculum connections: art history, visual arts, United States history, Ohio history, social studies


Discovering the Story: A City and Its Culture: The Underground Railroad

Explore the history of the Underground Railroad using primary sources and imagery from the Art Museum collection. Students will engage in hands-on activities and discussions to further their understanding and to get a unique perspective on this important time period in United States history.

Recommended grade levels: 1–12

Curriculum connections: United States history, Ohio history, social studies


Behind the Glass: African Symbols in Art

Uses symbols in African art to jumpstart discussions about symbolism, and how it’s used in our communities and lives. As an extension of this lesson, visit the Behind the Glass lessons found at

Recommended grade levels: 2–12

Curriculum connections: social studies, world history, language arts, visual arts


Tons of Traditions

Begin by examining what cultural celebrations are and how students participate in them. Then use hands-on teamwork to investigate celebrations from around the world. All discussions include supporting images or objects from the rich collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Recommended grade levels: 1–12

Curriculum connections: social studies, world history, visual arts


Dueling Divas: Women in Art

Take a close look at artwork created by two very competitive women: M. Louise McLaughlin and Maria Longworth Nichols Storer. Compare the works, and put them into a cultural context using other women artists. Students will be active learners as they help to unfold the story of the Dueling Divas.

Recommended grade levels: 3–12

Curriculum connections: art history, United States history, visual arts


The Weather and You

Explore weather patterns as seen in art. By examining works of art, learn about squalls, floods, snowstorms, and even drought. Using the outstanding permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum, students will have the opportunity to learn about weather and art in an interactive and high-tech environment.

Recommended grade levels: 2–8

Curriculum connection: science, visual arts


Discover African American Art

Celebrate African American art using hands-on activities and images from the collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum. Discover African American Art provides a rich and engaging experience for students and teachers.

Recommended grade levels: 1–12

Curriculum connection: visual arts, African American history, United States history


Animals in Art

Open the door to art for young children through animals. Using hands on activities and images of animals from the extensive Art Museum collection, identify like animals and group the animals together during this engaging and accessible presentation.

Recommended grade level: K–4

Curriculum connections: science, visual arts


Discover Native American Art

Experience Native American artwork and the culture that created it using a variety of media.

Recommended grade levels: 1–12

Curriculum connections: visual arts, United States history


Hear the Art, See the Music

Explore the basic ideas of tone and rhythm found in both music and art. Using the outstanding permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum and partnering with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, students explore this idea with a variety of excellent media.

Recommended grade level: 1–12

Curriculum connections: music, art history, visual art


Bodies: Anatomy in Art

Jumping, jousting, or jiving, our bodies are how we experience the world. This videoconference discusses pieces from the Cincinnati Art Museum's permanent collection that illustrate the body and it’s capabilities. Artist's have been fascinated with the human form for as long as history has been recorded. This program melds the worlds of art and anatomy together as you discover the difference between muscles and marble.

Recommended grade levels: K–8

Curriculum connections: visual arts and science


Putting Art on the Map!

Explore the world through art as we find out where pieces came from and how they relate to the country and culture. We will discuss countries all over the world as we view these countries both from a far and close up through pictures, maps, and Google Earth.


Beyond the Gallery: The Cincinnati Art Museum Un-Hung

This program will give students a behind the scenes look at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  Students will get to discover the hidden world of storage, conservation, and hanging a show. This introduction to museum work will give students a better understanding of how and why art work is cared for, stored, and displayed.


Museum 101: Teaching Teachers to Use Objects in the Classroom

Object-based learning is a proven education method that can be adapted to fit almost any curriculum and age level. Museums use this teaching method, and you can too. Art Museum educators will walk through methods of using objects in your classroom. Information will be provided on how to find appropriate objects, how to view the objects, and how to fit all of this into the curriculum you use. Teacher Training-Museum 101: Teaching Teachers to use Objects in the Classroom, Cost: $100


For questions regarding program content or scheduling, contact:

Assistant Curator for School-Based Learning

(513) 639.2974 phone

(877) 472.4CAM toll free