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School Tour Topics

Social Studies

Explore the wealth of insight and social commentary covered by six thousand years of art that touch all areas of history. Study the development of different world cultures through their artistic achievements. Trace cultural movements around the globe as seen in art. Discover how political and social events have inspired twentieth-century artists in America and abroad.

Ancient to Modern: World History through Art
The world comes alive through the artwork of both ancient and modern world cultures. Students will learn the traditions and customs of the world’s civilizations by examining the objects and artwork they created.
Grades: 4–12
Art Cart: Antiquities Art Cart

From Sea to Shining Sea: American History through Art

From sea to shining sea, investigate the exploration, colonization, and creation of our great nation. Through close inspection of works in our American and Cincinnati galleries, discover the story of the United States.
Grades: K–12

World Cultures and Traditions
Uncover the cultures of the world, from ancient times to the Near East to Asia, through the rich tradition of art from these regions. Learn about the customs, beliefs, celebrations, and traditions of the many cultures of the world.
Grades: Pre-K–12
Art Cart: Antiquities Art Cart or Asian Treasure Chest

Families and Children
See how young children and families have often been the subject matter of painting and sculpture from ancient times to the present day. Whether a portrait or a scene of everyday life, works of art from many time periods and cultures featuring families and children are the highlight of this tour.
Grades: Pre-K–6

The Story of Art in Cincinnati
Discover how Cincinnati’s visual arts tradition is related to the vast number of teaching artists who have passed their knowledge and skills to younger generations.
Grades: 4–12
Art Cart: Painting, Sculpture, Metal, Furniture, or Ceramic Making Art Carts


Language Arts

Evaluate how visual and verbal communication is intertwined by learning how artists tell stories. Learn to “read” a painting by decoding visual symbols, emotion, and expression in artwork from various cultures. Take an interdisciplinary approach by exploring the artistic significance of mythological, historical, and fictional narratives. Study the relationships between literature and art throughout time by examining specific examples.

Literature and Art
Examine literature as it has been interpreted by artists from ancient times to the present day.
Grades: 4–12

Myths and Mythology
Learn myths and mythology of the ancient world to the modern day, through looking at works of art from a variety cultures.
Grades: 4–12

Signs and Symbols
See how artists have used visual symbols in their art to give meaning to their work throughout time. Explore the uses and interpretations of signs and symbols in pieces from the history of art.
Grades: 4–12

Stories in Art
Experience how great works of art often tell a story. Discover the stories and narratives expressed by artwork throughout history in the Art Museum’s collection.
Grades: Pre-K–12

From Book to Art Museum: From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Imagine if Claudia and Jamie ran away to the Cincinnati Art Museum. Join them on their journey as they explore six thousand years of art and culture.
Grades: 4–8



Experience the natural world in a whole new way. See images of animals in motion, at rest, and in their natural environments. Even discover imaginary creatures. Learn how art reflects our relationship with the environment and seasonal changes. Investigate the importance of the five senses in creating and responding to art.

Animals in Art
Go on an art safari, and discover the symbolism and meanings of animals found in art from ancient times to contemporary day.
Grades: Pre-K–3

Changes in Nature
See how art has reflected the natural environment in a variety of ways over the centuries. From the weather and climate of ancient cultures, to the tradition of painting landscapes out-of-doors, to the environmental concerns of contemporary times, examines the responses of artists to their environment throughout time.
Grades: Pre-K–6


Visual Arts

Discover the artist in all of us. During these interactive tours, develop an understanding of the artist's vocabulary of line, shape, color, texture, and space; the variety of materials used in art; and the challenges of interpreting and evaluating works of art.

The Elements of Art
Learn the basic terminology of the visual arts by examining works from the history of art. The tour can be adapted for students at beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels of knowledge.
Grades: Pre-K–12
Art Cart: Painting, Sculpture, Metal, Furniture, or Ceramic Making Art Carts

Sculpture at the Art Museum
Examine the different media of sculpture as well as the many techniques used to create it throughout history. See not only many different types of sculpture, but become familiar with the tools used by sculptors.
Grades: Pre-K–12
Art Cart: Sculpture Art Cart

Take a Closer Look: Interpreting Art
Help students with an advanced knowledge of the history of art discover new ideas and meanings in works of art throughout history.
Grades: 9–12
Art Cart: Painting or Sculpture Art Cart

Landscapes, Seascapes, and More
Escape to different climates, cultures, and places on this tour of landscapes, seascapes, and more.
Grades: Pre-K–12

Who’s Looking at You: Portraits at the Art Museum
Ever wonder who that lady in the picture may be? Discover the practice of portrait painting and maybe even be asked to pose next to your favorites.
Grades: Pre-K–12

Renaissance and Baroque Art
Discover the Art Museum’s fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Renaissance and Baroque treasures, and learn about this tumultuous time in history and art.
Grades: 4–12
Art Cart: Painting Art Cart

What Is Your Impression: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Edgar Degas are all master impressionists. Learn about these artists and others who marveled the art world during the late nineteenth century.
Grades: 4–12
Art Cart: Painting Art Cart

So What’s New: Modern and Contemporary Art
Learn about the concepts, movements, and trends behind artwork from the twentieth century to today.
Grades: 4–12
Art Cart: Painting Art Cart

Art of Asia
Explore India and the Far East on this dynamic tour through Asian art and history. Discover the mysteries of the Orient on this cultural quest through Asia.
Grades: K–12
Art Cart: Japanese Tea Ceremony or Asian Treasure Chest

How Did They Do That?
How have artists created great works of art throughout time? Discover the process of creating paintings and sculptures by looking at both artwork and art-making tools.
Grades: Pre-K–12
Art Cart: Furniture, Ceramic, Painting, or Sculpture Art (2–6)



How does art show the relationships between math and art? How do artists show depth, space, and form on a two-dimensional canvas? How have scientific discoveries throughout time affected the art world? Explore these questions and others.

Geometry in Art
Do you see a circle in that portrait? Explore the basic elements of every work of art: its shape and its line.
Grades: K–3

Depth, Angles, Lines, and More
Learn the basics of geometry by examining both painting and sculpture.
Grades: 4–8


Foreign Language

Experience the art and culture of the languages you are discovering. Tours may be conducted in either English or your chosen foreign language. Foreign language speaking tours must not exceed twenty individuals and must be scheduled at least six weeks in advance. Choose from French, Spanish, or German.


Through a Child’s Eyes

Art museums collect and exhibit the best examples of works of art from all over the world. The exploration of art museum collections provides an opportunity for young children to discover emotions, new ideas, and innovation.

Through a Child's Eyes explores the idea of community from a range of viewpoints. Through a Child's Eyes consists of seven sequential learning units: three for pre-kindergarten and one each for kindergarten, first, second, and third grades. Each unit in the curriculum provides a central Focus Artwork, a Focus Book and a series of classroom activities that include a culminating art-making experience.

The entire sequence complements the children's exploration of community and can be used to enhance their skills in language arts, math, science, social studies, art and music. For more information,· teacher resources and tour topics. Click Here


Interactive Art Carts

Ask to include an Art Cart in your tour for an interactive experience. Each Art Cart includes objects that you may touch. Art Cart topics include the following:

Japanese Tea Ceremony
Asian Treasure Chest