A special feature is a temporary presentation of artworks from the museum’s permanent collection or a select arrangement of artworks lent from other institutions, organized by the Cincinnati Art Museum.

A special feature is similar to a special exhibition but is generally smaller and more focused in scope. Some museums call these “focused exhibitions” or “rotations.”


Current Special Features

Cagnacci: Painting Beauty and Death

Now–July 22, 2018 Cagnacci: Painting Beauty and Death brings together a select group of Italian Baroque paintings for the first time: three works by Guido Cagnacci and one by Bernardo Strozzi.

Marcel Duchamp: Boîte-en-valise

Now–May 6, 2018 | Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968) was a French-American painter, sculptor, chess player and writer. Between 1910 and 1914, he rapidly mastered, then discarded, the principal pre-war aesthetic movements

American Woman Printmakers

Now–May 15, 2018 Beginning in the 1850s American women entered printmaking professions contributing to society’s acceptance of the graphic arts as a career for women.

Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

Now–July 15, 2018 | This display highlights a number of new additions to the Cincinnati Art Museum's growing collection of contemporary Japanese ceramics. 

Mementos of Affection

Now – November 2018 | Before the advent of photography, the painting of a portrait miniature was usually the only time a likeness was made of a person. 


Now–TBD | On view now is a large-scale, animated neon installation on the west wall of the French Wing at the Cincinnati Art Museum.