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The REC is a space for families to discover the Cincinnati Art Museum’s collection in a fun, immersive, hands-on, and safe manner. Open during regular Art Museum hours, the REC is located on the first floor, just off of the Great Hall. The REC has a dedicated interactive space that changes twice a year, in October and March. Themes for the interactive space are based on the permanent collection, special exhibitions, and/or elements of art and world cultures.

Along with the interactive space, the studio is a vital component to the REC. Working in conjunction with the interactive space, the projects available to families in the studio correspond to and enhance the theme currently on display. This space will also be used for all art-making experiences conducted by the museum. These experiences include Family Programs, such as Summer Camp, Family First Saturday, Wee Wednesdays, and Art in the Making. In the future, this space will also be used for emerging art-making opportunities with school groups and adults.

The Rosenthal Education Center is the Cincinnati Art Museum’s interactive space for families to explore together. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to accommodate school groups at this time. For information about additional opportunities for students and teachers contact us at [email protected]

Current REC theme: Art Inventions

From October 2017 until May 2018, visitors can learn about the technology, innovations and inventions that have helped expand the limits of artmaking throughout history! Try out a 16th century drawing tool called a camera obscura, make your own animation using a zoetrope, watch an Ultimaker 3D printer in action, try out screen printing equipment, and curl up in our Pop Art themed soft space with a book. Or try one of our many other fun activities available every day in the REC. If you complete your Art Inventions themed scavenger hunt during your visit, return it to the REC for a special prize!

Next theme: Art of Asia


REC Volunteers

The Cincinnati Art Museum is seeking weekend volunteers to work in collaboration with museum staff to plan and prepare art projects, assist families and young visitors with art making, and greet visitors. This is a great opportunity to gain museum education experience while interacting and engaging with the community. Educational credit may be available for volunteers depending on the requirements of your university. Please visit the REC Volunteer Page for more information.