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Learning and Interpretation Blog: Meet Katie Threet

by Katie Threet


learning & interpretation , School Based Learning , CAMeducation , professional development , intern

Katie Threet


I don’t know about you, but any chance to be at the Cincinnati Art Museum is one I am going to take. Every single time I step inside it’s a whole new adventure. Since I moved to the area in 2015, I have found myself asking everyone I know to visit the museum with me… and then they get frustrated because I don’t want to leave once I am there. As a future art teacher, having this amazing resource at my disposal is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can go for inspiration and if I’m having a difficult day; I visit for some peace. I recently accepted a semester long internship with the School-Based Learning Department under Samantha Gaier and I can’t stop beaming with pride to be a part of this beautiful place for a few months. I’ve never been an intern before, so I won’t lie when I say I am still a little nervous. But these are good nerves that make me dig deep and challenge myself to get to the next professional level. Being an intern is a chance to learn the ins and outs of everything the museum has to offer. I have the awesome ability to act as a liaison and learn for my colleagues and future students. Being an intern is a chance for mentorship in an arena outside of the classroom, by someone within the community. I am so excited now that Samantha and I have come to a list of goals for the time I am in this position, goals that will enrich my teaching practice in ways no other experience could. I feel like I will be more prepared after graduation and for that I couldn’t be more thankful. Being a future art educator rocks, and to have the advantage of knowing my local art museum personally provides me with the confidence it takes to become the best art teacher I can be.

Katie Threet is a student at Northern Kentucky University pursuing double majors in Art Education and Studio Art.