The FotoFocus Photobook Collection of the Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives is funded by FotoFocus and aims to inspire photographers, students of photography and fans of the medium through open access to the best photobooks being published today.

It represents the diversity of this creative medium and encompasses hundreds of photobooks from leading publishers worldwide. In our holdings you will find recent titles from Aperture, MACK, Nazraeli, Steidl, Radius, Twin Palms, IMA and others. You will also find photography surveys and other closely related books from trade publishers, as well as artists’ self-published efforts.

Throughout the 20th century, photography books were the primary vehicle by which photographers shared their artistic visions. Galleries and museums did not dedicate many resources to the medium’s practitioners. Hence, the photobook was the way to influence the culture of photography.

In recent years, book publishing has returned to the forefront of photographers’ thinking. This is due in part to the increasing sophistication of layout software and the decreasing cost of fine printing. It is also due to the durability of the bedrock idea underpinning photobooks; a series of photographs, sensitively sequenced and exquisitely printed, sometimes accompanied by contextualizing essays can convey an artist’s intentions with great fidelity. The FotoFocus Photobook Collection responds to this renaissance in photobook publishing.

Please note that all materials are for use in the Library only may not be checked out.