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Behind the Scenes in the South Asian Galleries

by Conservation


CAMConservation , Palampore , textile conservation , South Asian Art

Take a peek into preparations for the reopening of the South Asian Galleries, December 2023.

A Room with Legs



Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom , Art Deco

Conceived to give the room “legs,” this digital experience allows the public to access the room and its related themes beyond the run of the special exhibition Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom by Joseph Urban.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Bread, Eggs, and UV Light

by Conservation


CAMConservation , paintings , Paul Cezanne , still lifes , paintings conservation

Look for Bread and Eggs (and onions!) to return to the permanent galleries soon.

Celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Heritage

by Cincinnati Art Museum


National Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month , Hispanic artists , Latinx artists

Enjoy these works by or about Hispanic and Latinx artists in the museum's permanent collection.

A New Discovery in CAM: A Magic Mirror

by Hou-mei Sung, Curator of East Asian Art


Magic Mirror , Transparent Mirror , Han Dynasty , East Asian Art , Amitabha , Amida Buddha , Buddhism

When placed in sunlight, the mirror projects the decorative design on the back of the mirror and seems to become transparent.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Spot Test!

by Conservation


CAMConservation , cincyartmuseum , rug conservation , textile conservation

This test hinted at a dramatic difference!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Pinocchio Takes a Bath

by Conservation


CAMConservation , outdoor art , outdoor sculpture , Pinocchio , Jim Dine

Earlier this month our Pinocchio sculpture received a maintenance treatment from conservators who specialize in outdoor sculpture conservation from McKay Lodge Art Conservation.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Phew!

by Conservation


Murillo , paintings , paintings conservation , CAMConservation , framing

The last step of conserving the large 7’ x 5’ painting by Murillo has arrived.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: The Book of Thel

by Conservation


William Blake , The Book of Thel , J.R.R. Tolkien , paper conservation , Haggerty Museum of Art , CAMConservation

The lesser-known book, The Book of Thel, is now featured in an exhibit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: The Great Gallery Dust-Up

by Conservation


CAMConservation , textile conservation , colonial furniture , colonial dames

A whole team helped clean the galleries in a gallery-wide dust-up (or down!). Next time you visit the museum, take a minute to think about all the unseen work that goes into keeping all parts of the museum looking their best.

1881.1: The Cincinnati Art Museum’s First Acquisition

by Anne Buening, Curatorial Assistant for European and American Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings


This piece represents a fascinating mix of histories: local indigenous culture before white settlement, nineteenth-century American archaeology, the donor Judge Joseph Cox, and the Cincinnati Art Museum’s early years.

Opening our Collections with Wikipedia

by e.m.i.


wikipedia , permanent collection , wikipedian in residence , intern

The Cincinnati Art Museum’s permanent collection is getting easier to explore thanks to new Wikipedia content.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Jain Shrine Reveal

by Conservation


CAMConservation , Jain Shrine , Reveal , objects conservation , behind the scenes

This week in objects conservation: We have finished coating removal and cleaning of one of the 44 pieces of our Jain Shrine!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Final Countdown

by Conservation



Our paintings conservator dons an organic vapor mask, turns on the exhaust trunks, and begins brushing thirty-five square feet plus of painted canvas!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: From the Lab to the Gallery

by Conservation


Joseph Urban , Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom

These prints from the museum’s Mary R. Schiff Library are as much a contrast to the old master prints as Elaine Wormser’s bedroom was to the rest of the traditionally decorated apartment.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: We Built A Room!

by Conservation


CAMConservation , art deco , made with mood , Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom , Joseph Urban

Conservation can take you strange places--like up a ladder in a 1929 bedroom!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: The JoLynn and Byron Gustin Gallery

by Conservation


behind the scenes , object conservation , objects conservation , CAMConservation

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about their treatment progress and enjoy seeing them back in the galleries on your next visit!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Structural Support



Murillo , paintings conservation , paintings , CAMConservation , strip lining

Now that the Murillo has been cleaned of varnish and retouching, it’s time to address its structural support, in other words, the canvas and stretcher.

Pups That Wandered Astray From The Wormser Bedroom

by Amy Dehan, Curator of Decorative Arts & Design


Joseph Urban , Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom , Decorative Arts and Design , ceramic dog figurines , 1920s

To resurrect the Wormser Bedroom, we relied closely on photographs of the interior taken in 1930. Zooming into these old pictures, we were able to take inventory of Elaine’s collection and determine which pups remained and which, over the years, had gone astray.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Emperor Maximilian I

by Conservation


paper , conservation , Albrecht Dürer , CAMConservation , Joseph Urban , Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom

When private owners generously allow the museum to display their pieces, the conservators sometimes need to put a little effort into stabilizing them before they go into the gallery. This was the case with a monumental woodcut print by Albrecht Dürer that will soon be seen in the Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom by Joseph Urban exhibit.

The Cincinnati Art Museum Inside Out

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Art Climb , permanent collection , sculpture , outdoor art

Experience the power of art—inside and out

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Go big or go home!

by Conservation


CAMConservation , oversized art , historic carpets , textile conservation , textiles

This carpet is a whopping 25’ by 18,’ easily one of the largest textiles in the collection.

New Member Appreciation Week Graphics

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Member Appreciation Week , membership , social media , creativity

We are so grateful for our members, which is why we are celebrating you in our first-ever Member Appreciation Week! We look forward to a whole week of fun events, with in-person and online options, where you can engage in exclusive experiences with our staff.

Celebrating Pride Month at the Cincinnati Art Museum

by Cincinnati Art Museum


LGBTQ+ , permanent collection , Bernice Abbott , Nick Cave , Felix Gonzalez Torres , Isaac Julien , Ellsworth Kelly , Germaine Krull , Lucas Samaras , Andy Warhol

Enjoy these works in the museum’s permanent collection by artists who identify as LGBTQ+, or that address themes of LGBTQ+ representation and experience.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Varnished Villanueva

by Conservation


Murillo , paintings conservation , CAMConservation

Cleaning of the very large painting by the Spanish artist, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, has begun.

Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month

by Cincinnati Art Museum


permanent collection , Jewish American Heritage Month , Helen Frankenthaler , Chaim Gross , Philip Guston , Henry Mosler , Louise Nevelson , Mark Rothko

The Cincinnati Art Museum joins institutions across the country in paying tribute to the generations of Jewish Americans who helped form the fabric of American history, culture, and society.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Glue Be Gone

by Conservation


paper conservation , works on paper , James Stephanoff , King George IV coronation

Our paper conservator’s challenge is to remove enough yellow discoloration from the paper so that it is closer to its original color and more closely matches the other prints in the group.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: So Tiny!

by Conservation


CAMConservation , textile conservation , 1920s bags , behind the scenes

This beaded bag from the 1920s is in the textile conservation lab for some stabilization where some of the beading threads were broken, but it presented a special challenge...

CAM Weddings: Elayna Berry and Preston Franklin

by Katie Mitchell, Special Events Coordinator and Makenna Henehan, Hospitality and Special Events Intern


wedding , CAMWeddings , ceremony , venue , rental space , Alice Bimel Courtyard , Good Story Co. , Bluewater Kings Band , Old State Farm , Clear Lighting

Elayna Berry and Preston Franklin decided to take full advantage of our gorgeous Alice Bimel Courtyard.

Cincinnati Art Museum Recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Mental Health Awareness , CAM programs

May is Mental Health Awareness Month,a time dedicated to reducing the stigma associated with mental and behavioral health issues.