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Membership includes a monthly luncheon and meeting to hear various experts discuss current exhibitions, some aspect of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s permanent collection, or taking an off-site tour to a collection of interest.

The Women’s Committee supports the Cincinnati Art Museum by offering informative programs for members, promoting participation in Museum activities, and raising funds. Since its inception in 1973, the Women’s Committee has financially assisted with art purchases, special exhibits and other Museum needs.

Annual Dues | $40

For more information, please contact the Philanthropy Office at [email protected] or (513) 639-2964.

We apologize, but we have chosen to cancel the March 23 and April 27 Women’s Committee Lunches. Please check back over the next few weeks to updates and more information.

Theresa Liguzinski- Chair

Kathleen Wilkins - Vice-Chair

Sue Schertzer -  Past Chair

Nancy Virgulak - Treasurer



Lisa Massa

Sandy Palmer


Judy Adams

Evelyn Banzhaf-McCord

Anne Chasser

Gail Forberg

Patsy Gaines

Jackie Lett-Brown

Mary Lou Mueller 

Patsy Pike

Mary Ran

Rosemary Schlachter

Elizabeth Tinklenberg

Heidi Toelke

Mary Ann Weiss