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See Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick Free, Before it Closes.

In celebration of the final weekend of this exhibition, Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick will be on view for free through January 16.
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Now on Display in the Library: Antique Holiday Cards

by Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives


library , holidays , winter , archives , antique , vintage

Have you mailed you season’s greetings yet? Currently on display at the Mary R Schiff Library and Archives visitors will be treated to a selection of vintage holiday cards from the museum archives. Holiday cards have a long tradition, the cards on view might be a bit fancier than what we are used to today, but the sentiment is the same. Some of the oldest examples from the 1800s, are quite festive with seasonal scenes surrounded by silk fringe and lace. Other examples on display feature intricate illustrations, bright colors, embossed details, metallic decorations, ribbons, and other elements of seasonal flare. Celebrate the season and visit the Art Museum today!