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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Dollyver Family

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, textileconservation, Laura H. Turpin, Dollyver, doll, doll clothes

Conservation of the 24 “Dollyver” family member is finally complete!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Ragsby Dollyver, Before & After

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, textiles, Ragsby Dollyver, Laura H. Turpin

In textile conservation, work was recently completed on “Ragsby Dollyver,” a “portrait” rag doll by Laura Turpin that may be the artist’s self-portrait.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Doll research pays off!

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, Dollyver, textile conservation

What does the 1850 census have to do with textile conservation? And this rag doll?

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Café service!

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, Terrace Cafe, Dollyver

The museum’s Terrace Café will make you a beautiful meal, but this week, they also lent a hand to conservation!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Fresh Laundry

by Conservation


Dollyver, behind the scenes, conservation

This week in textile conservation we did a load of laundry: doll clothes from the Dollyver family set of dolls currently undergoing conservation treatment.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Doll Transformation

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, doll, Dollyver

You may have seen a post about this doll a few weeks ago when her costume was undergoing treatment in the textile conservation lab.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Dr. Dollworth gets an x-ray

by Conservation


x-ray, behind the scenes, conservation, Dollyver

Last week, Conservation was lucky enough to have an on-site demonstration of digital x-ray by Cory Morriss from GE and Scott Hunley of RCON NDT.