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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Striped pigments?

by Conservation


paintings conservation, inpainting, conservation paints, pigments

No, it’s just the morning sun hitting our jars of dry pigments through the blinds, a brief exposure that does no harm.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Going, going, gone!

by Conservation


conservation, paintings conservation, neapolitan, still lifes, CAMConservation, inpainting, hidden paintings

The large Neapolitan still-life is back — with a new look.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Overpainting vs. inpainting

by Conservation


Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Maria Oakey Dewing, inpainting, overpaint, retouching, paintings conservation, conservation, behind the scenes

Conservation of this painting on wood panel by the Dewing husband-and-wife team was undertaken because the retouching on the painting had discolored.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A different kind of flyspeck!

by Conservation


paintings, conservation, inpainting, Isaak Soreau, flemish still life, flyspecks, insects

Sometimes our paintings conservator might find an ancient flyspeck on a painting.