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Teacher Blog: Women Breaking Boundaries, Evenings for Educators Follow Up

by Melanie Zimmerman


teachers, Teacher resources, Evenings for Educators

Aminah Robinson was an inspiring fabric artist who created beautiful artworks based on her life story.

Teacher Blog: Music and Art, Evenings for Educators Preview

by Lauren Marcum


Evenings for Educators, teachers, education, professional development

At this month’s Evenings for Educators, I will be presenting a lesson merging both art and music that my partner teacher and I refer to as “Picasso Guitars.”

Evenings for Educators Recap: Impressive Tiles

by Sue Diemer


Evenings for Educators, learning & interpretation, teachers, Teacher resources

This introductory unit, Impressive Tiles, was a wonderful way to explore slab rolling and textures, as well as communicate a ‘message’.