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The Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati

October 6, 2017–December 31, 2017 | Gallery 123

In 1892, nineteen artists established the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati to “stimulate its members to greater effort in their work and increase a general interest in art.” At a time when women were progressing from the home into the workplace, these artists seeking equal opportunities for advancement formed one of the first such clubs in the nation. This presentation in celebration of the club’s 125th anniversary features works of art across a range of media produced by its members from its inception to about 1925. Central to the professional lives of many of the city’s most notable artists—Dixie Selden, Bessie Hoover Wessel and Mary Louise McLaughlin, for example—the club provided a prominent venue for the exhibition and sale of their work, enriching educational programs, a special sense of shared purpose and a spirited camaraderie.

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