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First Photographs: From the Collection

G212, The Albert E. Heekin and Bertha E. Heekin Gallery

November 9, 2018–February 3, 2019

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Part of an ongoing series of small exhibitions featuring special objects from the museum’s photography collection, First Photographs presents notable photographs that have rarely been on view, exciting new acquisitions, and objects we hope communicate the thrill of discovering something wonderful inside a museum storage box.

Photography has been associated with newness, discovery and change throughout its nearly 180-year history. Although the works on view are diverse, each suggests ways to think about photography’s relationship with novelty — from aesthetic innovation to technological advances, from intrepid exploration to breaking news, from firsts in a particular artist’s career to new directions for our collection. Represented photographers include Anna Atkins, Nathan Flint Baker and Leavitt Hunt, Ludwig Belitski, Henry Dixon, Roger Fenton, Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, Raghu Rai, Paul Strand, Jean-Pierre Sudre, and Harry Fowler Woods, among others.