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Kevin J. Watkins

Listen as Kevin J. Watkins and Russell Ihrig explore relationships between Watkins’ Arrest the cops that killed (insert name) and Lorna Simpson’s print, Counting.


I am a self-taught professional photographer from Oberlin, Ohio specializing in lifestyle portraits and events. I began my photography journey about 7 years ago on the recommendation from a close friend after he took a closer look at what I was capturing on my camera phone. I then began using a DSLR with no goal in mind other than to capture the world around me. My focus eventually shifted towards portraits and events, and more recently telling black stories from our point of view. I’ve lived here in Cincinnati since 2001 (right when the “riots” happened) and remember consuming news from mainstream media and not from anyone of color. Today, with so much social injustice and the murders of unarmed black men and women, I feel it is very important for me as a photographer to document as much as I can.


Submitted September 2020