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do it (home)

Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist

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As many of us across the globe are experiencing social distancing and orders to stay at home, the Cincinnati Art Museum is joining Independent Curators International (ICI) and over 30 art spaces around the world in sharing do it (home). This interactive exhibition, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, provides a set of art-making prompts that can easily be brought to life in your own home. These instructions have been created by contemporary artists, including some who are represented in our permanent collection. According to Obrist, “do it has always been global and local, public and private — spheres of life that for many have coalesced in recent months.” do it (home) will take you away from your screens, and recreate an art experience at home.

You are invited to be an active participant by responding to the artists’ prompts, following their lead, and realizing an artwork on their behalf. Some artists will guide you in creating a physical work of art, while others encourage you to reflect on the world around you. When you are ready, share your creation online and make connections with other doers using #doithomeCAM or by sharing on our website using the form below. Artist prompts are available in both English and Spanish.


do it (home) PART 1 instructions


Download Spanish instructions


do it (home) PART 2 instructions


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Artists Include: Etel Adnan, Sophia Al Maria, Uri Aran, Arca, Nairy Baghramian, Christian Boltanski, Meriem Bennani, Geta Bratescu, Critical Art Ensemble, Jimmie Durham, Torkwase Dyson, Tracey Emin, Simone Forti, Liam Gillick, Joseph Grigely, Shilpa Gupta, Koo Jeong-A, David Lamelas, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Lucy R. Lippard, Cildo Meireles, Jonas Mekas, Albert Oehlen, Precious Okoyomon, Füsun Onur, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Philippe Parreno, Thao Nguyen Phan, Marjetica Potrč, Raqs Media Collective, Pascale Marthine Tayou, and Carrie Mae Weems

do it (home) is curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York. do it (home) is made available to art spaces internationally free of charge, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, with the support of ICI’s Board of Trustees, contributors to ICI’s Access Fund, and the Jeanne and Dennis Masel Foundation.



In 1993, Hans Ulrich Obrist together with artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, conceived do it, an exhibition based entirely on artists’ instructions, which could be followed to create temporary art works for the duration of a show. do it has challenged traditional exhibition formats, questioned authorship, and championed art’s ability to exist beyond a single gallery space. Since do it began, many new versions have appeared, including do it (museum), do it (tv), and do it (in school). Over time, do it has grown from 12 to over 400 sets of artists’ instructions, and has been shown in more than 150 art spaces in over 15 countries.


CAM Connections

Scroll through a selection of CAM objects that relate to prompts by do it (home) artists and reflect on them as you create your own art.

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