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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A face, an egg, a patch

by Conservation


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Conservation of the large still-life by an anonymous 17th century Neapolitan artist is finally finished.  It has been put in a new frame and is just hanging around in the studio waiting to be hung in Gallery 206.  

Unidentified Neapolitan artist (Italian, active 17th century), Still Life with Game, oil on canvas, Bequest of Frieda Hauck by exchange, 1956.10

The sheer size of the painting, around 5 by 7 feet, meant that the conservation took considerable time.  And there were several other mysterious matters that challenged our paintings conservator, among them a face, an egg, and a patch.  See our four previous blog posts during the conservation treatment last year:

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Next time you visit the museum, stop by Gallery 206 to see the oversize and mysterious still life in person!

Slider images: 

  1. Before conservation
  2. During conservation - cleaned
  3. After conservation