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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Storing your fashion objects safely

by Conservation


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Want to store your treasured fashion objects safely at home? If your objects are safe to hang, you can make your own padded hangers. These padded, covered hangers are what we use for all the garments that are in hanging storage at the museum. The "normal" hanger is a sturdy, conventional hanger that has been wrapped in strips of resin-free polyester batting and covered in a fitted, unbleached cotton muslin case. The important things to note are that the materials in contact with the object (clothing, in this case) are special and the finish is as smooth.

The textile materials come from a supplier called Test Fabrics, which provides many conservation-safe fabric materials. The smooth finish means there is no "point," bumps, or creases in the case (like at the tips of the hanger) that could eventually rub and harm an object over time. When we hang an object, it should fit over its hanger loosely and comfortably. The "clamp" hanger is what we use for skirts and pants. The interior of the "clamp" section is padded with thick, acid-free felt and the muslin cover is sewn over it.


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