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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Japanese Haori

by Conservation


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“Haori” doing this? This Japanese garment, or haori, recently went on display in the Asian Gallery at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It appears to float upright, magically opened to reveal the contrasting design of the reversible interior. The haori’s secret is a shaped, padded board, hiding completely behind the outline of the opened garment. The shaped board is padded with batting and covered in fabric to match the painted display board. Very fine stainless steel pins are used to pin the haori to the board, attaching it invisibly and harmlessly.

If you look from the side, you can see the padded board and you might even find some of the L-shaped pins that are doing the “heavy lifting,” holding the shaped board to the painted board behind it. The haori will be on display through October, so stop by to admire the sensitive and invisible mounting (and the beautiful object, too).


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