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Teacher Blog: Paris 1900: City of Entertainment, Evenings for Educators Follow Up

by Liz Lloyd


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Ceramics 2 students at Dater High School, created plaques, vessels, and sculptures inspired by the artists: Alfred Mucha, William Samuel Horton, and Eugene-Samuel Grasset. These three artists are very diverse in terms of media usage, but they are also very similar. During a PowerPoint presentation, students engaged in conversation by analyzing each image and by identifying the line, color, shape, texture and pattern in each artwork.

Through discussion, the class concluded that the common theme was curvy and wavy lines intertwined with color. After drawing this conclusion, students were inspired to create ceramic pieces that reflect our conversation and the imagery created by the three artists. The finished works are beautiful, original and creative. Students enjoyed the challenge of creating works of art that were inspired by professional artists. This project was a great exercise in teaching students to look to others for inspiration, while still creating something original.