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Online Programming and Google Cultural Institute

by Drew Yakscoe


learning & interpretation , online programs , Google Art Project , Google Cultural Institute , Digital Exhibitions



A challenge for educators here at the Cincinnati Art Museum is continuing to come up with exciting and innovative ways to expand our interpretive reach. We implement new programs every year to not only improve visitor enjoyment, but to better engage our visitors with our collection. We are constantly trying out new ways of engaging visitors with art because the ways of experiencing with art is ever changing. One of the ever evolving ways of engaging with art is via the internet, and the museum has significantly increased it’s work with online programming.


The Google’s Cultural Institute is one online tool that has allowed the museum to share its vast collection through digital exhibitions. Objects, information, and ideas that were once only shared on-site can now be accessed anywhere from your computer or mobile devices. These digital resources not only improve visitor access to education, research, and collection materials, it also provides another method for connecting communities of people outside of the museum’s walls. Greater accessibility enables the museum to tie our online collections, exhibitions, and educational initiatives with relevant community issues.


To browse the museum’s Google Cultural Institute page, click here. From there you are able to scroll through the Cincinnati Art Museum’s selection of objects, exhibitions, and even access a Google Street View map of the museum. To browse ALL of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s digital exhibitions, including new ones, click on the following link to our Digital Exhibitions page, or follow