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Traveling Through Time with Artswave

by Russell Ihrig


ArtsWave , fundraising , CAM staff , community outreach , Cincinnati , Russell Ihrig

Every year the staff of the Cincinnati Art museum bands together to help raise money for ArtsWave. Of course we appreciate all that ArtsWave does for the city as they support fine arts organizations such as this one… but really this is just a great excuse for the staff to compete against each other in a series of ridiculous games. And hey, we’re still raising money!

Each year our campaign has a theme around which the events are centered. This year’s theme is “Time Travel” with the different departments divided into 4 time periods: the ancient era, medieval times, the roaring twenties, and the future. These themes will come into play in some of the events and games where you can win valuable points. The team with the most points wins a pizza party at work!

Penny Wars:
Who likes pennies? Nobody, that’s who! This game lets you rid your pockets of those cursed coppers while directly raising money. Every cent in a team’s jar counts as a point. Of course, dollar bills and silver coins act as negative points so you want to drop all those nickels and dimes in your opponents’ jars.

Eating Contest:
This year we are traveling to Italy in 997 AD to celebrate the birth of pizza (this campaign is kind of pizza-centric) with an eating contest. To compete, contestants need to pay the entry fee of $15 per person and also have a partner. Viewers pay $5 to witness the mayhem. Each team tries to eat an entire Dewey’s pizza, and the first team to finish is the victor. Not only does this year’s winning team receive mucho points, they also won a ride in a DeLorean. Seriously.   Check out the pizza eaters here.

Food Show:
This is the event where our team themes can really shine. Each team gets a table that needs to be filled with delicious food and décor to match their time period. We also encourage everyone to dress up in costumes that match their era. Employees can pay $10 to come enjoy this 4th dimensional all-you-can-eat buffet. Awards are given for Best Savory Food, Best Sweet Food, Best Beverage, and Best Costume. As always, mad points are awarded to the winning teams.