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X-raying Cézanne: Next Steps

by Franck M. Mercurio, Publications Editor


CAM collection , Paul Cezanne , CAMConservation

See the painting in Gallery 227 during your next visit.

Revealing a “Hidden” Cézanne

by Serena Urry, Chief Conservator


Cezanne , X-ray , CAMConservation , paintings conservation

A few months ago, I posted about the complicated surface coatings on Cézanne’s Still Life with Bread and Eggs.” But what was going on under the surface was even more of a surprise.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Bread, Eggs, and UV Light

by Conservation


CAMConservation , paintings , Paul Cezanne , still lifes , paintings conservation

Look for Bread and Eggs (and onions!) to return to the permanent galleries soon.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Still Life in Blue with Lemon by Paul Cézanne

by Conservation


CAMConservation , paintings conservation , Cezanne , Impressionism , impressionist , French immpressionist

Be sure to stop by Gallery 227 to see Still Life in Blue with Lemon after its visit to Conservation.