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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Ancient Middle East Gallery

by Conservation


behind the scenes, Nabataean art, Nabataean Shrine, stone conservation, objects conservation, archaeological conservation, CAMConservation, Nabatea

This week in objects conservation, we’re doing the finishing touches to the 100+ objects being installed in our newly renovated Ancient Middle East Gallery, opening Saturday, December 18.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: On the road!

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Nabataean Shrine

Earlier this month our objects conservator and one of our mount makers traveled to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC to install our Nabataean Shrine for the first time in 15 years!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Eagle Wrestling with Serpent

by Conservation


behind the scenes, Eagly Wrestling with Serpent, Nabataean Shrine

Objects conservation is finishing the treatment of the Nabataean limestone sculpture Eagle Wrestling with Serpent, which dates from 50-150 CE.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Nabataean Shrine

by Convservation


behind the scenes, conservation, Nabataean Shrine

Our objects conservator has been working with Andy Wolf, an intern from NYU’s graduate training program.