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New Acquisitions to be unveiled on April 2, 2024, in Gallery 150

by Kristin Spangenberg, Curator of Prints


New Acquisition, recent acquisitions, prints, Sojourner Truth, Shakers, Mother Ann Lee, Lesley Dill

Two works by Lesley Dill (American, b. 1950)

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Reflection by Raphael Soyer

by Cecile Mear, Conservator of Works on Paper


Raphael Soyer, prints, paper conservation, CAMConservation

In 2019 and 2020 the museum received three prints by American artist Raphael Soyer (1899–1987), the first of his prints to enter the museum’s collection.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Taking Care of Japanese Prints

by Cecile Mear, Conservator of Works on Paper


CAMConservation, Toyohara Kunichika, ukiyo-e prints, kabuki actor prints, paper conservation

In 2005 the museum received a gift of Japanese art that includes ceramics, paintings, and prints. Now that our Curator of Prints Kristin Spangenberg has finished researching the 35 prints in this gift, I am reviewing their needs before moving them to their permanent storage locations.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Mexican Girl by Jose Ignacio Aquirre

by Conservation


paper conservation, Mexican prints, Jose Ignacio Aguirre

Mexican Printmakers 1920s to 1950s is on display until August 14, where you can see this print and learn about Aguirre and his fellow artists.

The Legend of the Laughing Buddha

by By Lynne Pearson, Curatorial Assistant, East Asian Art


Laughing Buddha, Seven Lucky Gods, Hotei, East Asian Art, Walter and Vanida Davison, Hou-Mei Sung, Enduring Beauty: East Asian Lacquer, Tsuchiya Gado, prints

Earlier this year, longtime donors Walter and Vanida Davison gifted the Art Museum this beautiful 20th century Japanese painting depicting the Buddhist deity Hotei from their family art collection. Who is Hotei?

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Frank Duveneck Print

by Conservation


Frank Duveneck, Monotype, Paper Conservation, behind the scenes, prints, Mussel Gatherers in Chioggia

If you have been following the Behind the Scenes in Conservation posts, you know that a lot of works by Frank Duveneck have passed through the Conservation Department over the past years.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A report from our paper conservation intern, Cara Roth

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, Jean Wentzel, paper conservation, prints

This spring in paper conservation, we’re looking at a print of Cincinnati, a view of the city from across the river in Kentucky.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Fixing the Fray

by conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, prints, printmaking, Blanche Dillaye

Next month a group of etchings by American women printmakers will go on display in G213.

A Cat’s Eye View of the CAM

by Findus the House Cat, transcribed by Amy Meyer


cats, Modern Cat and Master Cats, prints, Joan Miró, Charley Harper

Posted by: Findus the House Cat, transcribed by Amy Meyer