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X-raying Cézanne: Next Steps

by Franck M. Mercurio, Publications Editor


CAM collection, Paul Cezanne, CAMConservation

See the painting in Gallery 227 during your next visit.

Revealing a “Hidden” Cézanne

by Serena Urry, Chief Conservator


X-ray, CAMConservation, paintings conservation, Paul Cezanne

A few months ago, I posted about the complicated surface coatings on Cézanne’s Still Life with Bread and Eggs.” But what was going on under the surface was even more of a surprise.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Bread, Eggs, and UV Light

by Conservation


CAMConservation, paintings, Paul Cezanne, still lifes, paintings conservation

Look for Bread and Eggs (and onions!) to return to the permanent galleries soon.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Still Life in Blue with Lemon by Paul Cézanne

by Conservation


CAMConservation, paintings conservation, Impressionism, impressionist, French immpressionist, Paul Cezanne

Be sure to stop by Gallery 227 to see Still Life in Blue with Lemon after its visit to Conservation.