Staff Picks: Erin Geideman's CAM Favorites

by Erin Geideman


cincinnati art museum staff , inside look , CAM favorites

This blog series highlights the diverse personalities that make up the art museum’s staff.

Baby Tour: Flowers!

by Samantha Gaier


Baby Tours , flowers , museum educators , visual stimulation , infants , art objects

Posted by: Samantha Gaier

Why I Love Working at CAM

by Terri Weiler


Terri Weiler , behind the scenes , curatorial , fashion , museum history

Posted By: Terri Weiler

Before Texting Was a Thing… Part Two

by Molly Donnermeyer


Molly Donnermeyer , library , archives , museum history , Cincinnati , Cincinnati history

Posted By: Molly Donnermeyer

Happy Birthday CAM!

by Sara Birkofer


museum history , Cincinnati , Cincinnati history , architecture , archives

Posted By: Sara Birkofer